Training we offer

Goodhope Nursing Companion Pty Ltd’s vision is to develop practical skills competency in the field of nursing, disability and health support services. Nursing practice is guided through application of standards. Goodhope Nursing Companion works to help Australian and internationally educated nurses and health care workers to excel in the delivery of health care services to the general public by following the nursing industry standards of safety and competence.

Goodhope Nursing Companion can facilitate training in:

Safe medication administration

Expand your knowledge about the safe, effective and ethical administration of medicines. This course focuses on client care and patient safety. You will learn about dosage calculations, the latest legislation and how to advocate for setting policies within your own practice. Procedures such as storage, counting, administration and disposal of medication are also covered.

IV Therapy

Physicians and other healthcare professionals often order IV therapy to prevent or correct fluid and electrolyte imbalances. This seminar examines the skills needed to care for patients with fluid, electrolyte and acid based balanced needs. Participants will review the different infusion sites and discuss the best practices for monitoring for complications associated with IV infusions as a routine part of patient care.

Glucose monitoring & insulin administration

For diabetic clients it is crucial that capillary blood glucose levels are monitored regularly and accurately. In this seminar, participants will learn about normal blood glucose levels and the importance of insulin regulation. They will also learn how to correctly administer tests, the effects of insulin, and its administration based on best practice guidelines.

Urinary catheter care

In this seminar, participants will learn the principles and procedures associated with different kinds of urinary catheterisation. Technological advances, shorter hospital stays, fiscal constraints and a general shift to community-based care have increased the frequency of catheterised patients being treated from home. This seminar will prepare nurses to successfully manage and monitor catheterised patients, keep pertinent records and implement effective infection control policies and procedures.

Wound care

This seminar will assist nurses and health care workers to provide care related to skin integrity and wounds. Preventing pressure ulcers and caring for wounds are important aspects of nursing care. Nursing responsibilities related to skin integrity involve assessment of the patient and the wound followed by the development of a nursing care plan including the identification of appropriate outcomes, nursing interventions, and evaluation of the outcomes. Hands-on participation is strongly encouraged.

Palliative care

The fundamentals of a hospice palliative program will be discussed in this interactive seminar. Students will focus on fostering comfort around dying and death, familiarising the formal caregivers with the breadth of issues encountered by persons living with a life-threatening illness and promoting strategies to address identified issues. The goal of this seminar is to enable caregivers to develop therapeutic relationships that can facilitate a change in the illness experience for those living with dying.

Objective structured clinical examination

This seminar uses a simulation of basic nursing skills and the application of critical thinking application to enhance therapeutic nurse-client communication in different clinical settings.

Feeding client with dysphagia

This seminar will assist the participants to understand and employ best practice on the appropriate feeding of clients who have difficulty of swallowing, after being assessed by a speech pathologist.  This session is hands on and will include interactive demonstrations.